Privacy policy

The compassionate services websites abides by the manifesto it describes. We do not collect information where we can help it.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at


This website is using Cloudflare. Cloudflare is a service that sits between you and our servers. It acts as a broker. When you want to visit this website you actually ask Cloudflare for it. Cloudflare in turns ask us for the website and then shows it to you.

Using Cloudflare helps protect us against attacks. An attack would be if someone tries to access this site very many times to drain our server of resources. In some cases it also makes the website load faster for you.

As a middleman they see and record your IP address. This helps them detect whether someone is malicious or not. For information about what an IP address is take a look at this link:

You may also want to read Cloudflare's privacy policy.

Cloudflare cookies

Cloudflare uses cookies. These help them balance traffic between servers, as well as detect bots and malicious users. You can read more about their cookies on the website Understanding the Cloudflare cookies

Information we store about you

When you visit this website our servers records the visit in a log. The log contains the following information:

You might notice that the list does not contain a mention of your IP address. This is because our website is using Cloudflare as an intermediary. The IP addresses we see are those of Cloudflare, not yours.

We store these logs for a month. After the month is up we delete them. The logs allow us to detect when things are not working as expected. For example if our web server is not configured right, or pages are missing.


Compassionate services does not itself make use of any cookies.